The issue of social media and its effects on our lives has been (and still is) a pretty controversial topic. Some stand firm that social media has greatly improved our standard of living, provided us with endless opportunities and given us the ability to do things we never thought were possible. Others say that it’s ruining our lives, causing us to become ‘robotic’ and no longer living the way we should be, no longer enjoying life itself.

Check out these conversations and thoughts on social media/phone use below.

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1. Twitter posts on our page

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2. Comment on video, ‘Can we Auto-correct Humanity’ by PrinceEa

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3. Comment on ‘Look Up’ by Gary Turk on Youtube

These are all great arguments but very different perspectives.

Instead of hearing our views this time, we want to know what do you think. Is it technology that are to blame or is it our lack of self-control?


4 thoughts on “Social media: for better or for worse?

  1. I definitely think it’s our lack of self control and knowing that social media is so easily accessible. It’s weird. My friends and I went for dinner the other night, but we gave in and checked our twitters and tweeted eachother – when they’re right in front of us? I don’t know why we do it, but it’s become such a ridiculous habit. I feel like the only way we could stop this addiction, is by cutting off all 3G/4G and WiFi connectivity. Will we survive? Who knows! No one will receive a twitter update…

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    • Thank you so much for sharing your insight with us Niki! haha that’s pretty funny actually, we all do it sometimes. Back when my sister still used to live with us, her room was literally on the other side of the wall yet we would text each other to get a drink or something silly like that. It’s funny at the time, but considering the long term effects, it could impact our social skills pretty badly in the future!


  2. I love this campaign! I think it is really important for people to reflect on their phone usage and how it may be impacting their interaction offline in real life. Sometimes it is hard to avoid being attached to these devices as everything we ever need is pretty much contained within our hands. However I think it is certainly creating a cultural change in the western world with people more insensitive to what’s actually happening in reality, and more concerned with how they are being presented in the digital ‘hyper reality’. There are situations where being online and offline are appropriate, but unfortunately the advancement of this technology has changed what is socially acceptable and altered our perspective that it is ok to be on your phone when you catch up with your friend who is telling you about how she is struggling….hmmm I think not!


    • Thank you so much for the support! It is quite upsetting sometimes. I mean, I’ve been in situations where I’m practically pouring my heart out to someone, and they’re paying more attention to the text they just received rather than what I’m saying. Hopefully we can change this terrible habit around! 🙂


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