Tatiana, the Landscape Architect


“I have no idea what to do with my life”

This is probably one of the most comment statements that pops into the mind of a university student, if not everyone. However, here’s the story of how we met Tatiana, and it might help guide you in the right direction!

In the Q-Lounge food court of UNSW on a late Thursday afternoon, I caught this lovely lady sitting at a table by herself, scrolling on her phone. I was always under the impression that people who are on their gadgets perhaps don’t want to be disturbed. But after having done several approaches, I felt like I was up for the challenge.

This is Tatiana, a first year landscape architect! Now I’ll be completely honest, Tatiana was a bit hard to crack. She was a little skeptic about why I was talking to her and what I wanted out of it. I don’t blame her for being on a bit of the defensive though. I would’ve reacted the same and I know many people out there would as well. I mean, more often than not, when a random approaches and tries to strike up a conversation out of no where, they’re probably trying to sell us something.

I explained the campaign to her and that put her at ease (probably knowing I wasn’t trying to ask for her money). Instead of having her constantly listening to me talking, I asked her about her interests and passions. (Tip: this is a great way to smooth out any awkward conversations. Try to get them talking instead of listening!) And whatdaya know, our conversation started to flow more smoothly!

I found out that she had previously studied Business Admin at Macquarie University and hated it. Everything was really dry, especially finance and accounting – however she did particularly like HR! So how did she switch from business to architecture you may ask? That was exactly what I wanted to know; they’re such different areas.

Like most of us, Tatiana had no idea what she wanted to do with her life. She didn’t have a particular degree in mind nor did she have anything she was particularly passionate about to form a career around. Luckily for her however, she had a friend in Tasmania who was really into Landscape who recommended her to give it a go. Although hesitant at the start, eventually she figured there wasn’t much to lose. And guess what? She really enjoyed it!

Tatiana’s story really shows us that we’re all going to be a little lost in life at some point but that’s perfectly fine and perfectly normal. This period is the best time for us to explore and figure out our likes and dislikes. Try a different area, do things you’ve never done before. Figure out what you’re good at and where you suck miserably. But most importantly, don’t let fear hold you back. If you don’t go out there and try new things, you’re always going to be stuck in the same position.

Thank you so much Tatiana for sharing this insight with us. I really do appreciate you taking the time to chat with me because I know how tired and drained you were that day! 🙂

Have you been completely lost in life before? How did you overcome this hurdle? Please comment below, we would LOVE to hear your story!



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