Are you using your phone because you need to keep up with a million things at once, like keeping up to date with emails and maintaining contact/relationships with others? Or are you just simply addicted to having a phone in your hand?

Without a doubt, our phone has definitely helped us keep up to date with our busy schedules. But be honest, do you really NEED to constantly check your Facebook notifications or if your friend has responded to your text? Probably not. I know I’m guilty of this. I have my phone in my hands whilst walking to the station to check the time, when I’m wearing a watch. And so many times I’ve looked at my phone screen to check the date/time without actually registering anything and needing to check again. Like what?

Here’s a skit comedy regarding this issue by Just Kidding Films:


We talk and joke about it, but we don’t really think about how much this impacts us negatively. We’ve already begun to see that long line of people standing on the station platform staring down at their screen, or been with that friend that cannot leave their phone alone for 10minutes when you’re trying to have a conversation with them.

So please, take a minute to appreciate what’s happening around you and who’s around you.

Would you say you’re addicted to your phone? If so, why? We would love to hear your stories! 🙂


5 thoughts on “‘Phone Crack’. Are you addicted?

  1. it’s so funny ! he says: u know what‘s funny, we will just end up playing our phones anyway … lol, and everybody agrees ‘so truth’ … and i think showing funny photos in our phones during the lunch is a new way of communication, a new way of chatting.. especially for friends , boyfriend/girlfriend who we meet up everyday.. becos sometimes there is really nothing to talk about..we run out of topics.. so we check Facebook update separately, then we share whatever funny posts we ‘just’ read… .. hope it make sense to you lol


    • Absolutely! I did that today actually, showed my friend a really funny facebook post at work today. It does help to lighten up the mood, especially when we run out of things to use. But if we start to rely on this, we will eventually lose the ability and skill to communicate efficiently. Thanks for your insight though! Really appreciate it 🙂


  2. Well, I think I am one of the people who are addicted to phone also, but I personally do not really feel shame about it. I think it’s ok to check your social media and contact with others on your phone whenever you’re free, as it’s just a kind of pleasure for me. However, I agree that it’s pointless for just using the phone separately when meeting with others. Face-to-face communication is something that cannot be replaced by technology. but it’s an age that people don’t value its preciousness anymore.


    • Thanks for your comment Tony! Sounds like you have your phone usage under control, which I’m really glad and it’s something you should be proud of 🙂 I think the problem is lack of self-control and many people don’t notice this trait. Hopefully though this campaign it will encourage them to be more aware and make the effort to make a difference, and possibly help others to do the same!


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