Who says you can’t take a fun selfie with a stranger?



Our chat with Bilal was definitely the most fun and carefree out of all the ones we’ve had so far. There was no need to constantly ask questions to try keep the convo going (read more on how to avoid awkward silences here). Best part was that it wasn’t planned, so I guess because it just happened, nothing felt forced. And believe it or not, we had a solid 15 minute conversation on cameras! haha a pretty random topic but Bilal, our video director, Leo and I definitely bonded over it very well.

We met Bilal at UNSW’s quad food court and found out he has a passion in photography (of course!). He owns a sony point-and-shoot camera at the moment; and after laughing about the difficulties of taking phone selfies, he shared that he would really love to invest in a Go-Pro.

This cheery convo with Bilal on a late(ish) Thursday was my daily highlight for sure. Sometimes after a long day of classes and assessments, a good laugh always does the trick – but better yet when it’s that raw interaction between you and a stranger. Considering we’re so used to reverting to our phone after a tedious day, it was really refreshing to have that face-to-face communication with someone new.

We had a really great time chatting with you, Bilal. Hope you get that Go-Pro soon! 🙂

P.S. He also really liked our director’s camera (Canon 650D)

Have you ever had a really enjoyable unplanned conversation with a stranger? Please let us know in the comments below!


2 thoughts on “Who says you can’t take a fun selfie with a stranger?

  1. ok, I have a funny story about a selfie with a stranger, last year during Art Basel in Miami, a guy from Korea saw me with my gopro on a monopod, and he came to talk to me. But he didn’t speak english and I didn’t speak his language so we got together for a selfie. One with my gopro, and one with his phone cause he was really surprised by my “device” 😀 – Lovely times with strangers


    • haha thanks so much for sharing your story with us! I know sometimes we don’t always have the best experiences with strangers, and I guess that makes us shy away from those kinds of interactions in general. But just yesterday I had an amazing conversation with an old lady at the bus stop. We talked about how she grew up in Kensington and now has 8 grandchildren. Didn’t manage to get a photo with her though, which was a shame – but she thanked me for talking to her and it was really heart warming 🙂

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